Sunday, June 14, 2009

Four upstreet authors in new
Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction

Three of the 25 contributing authors to the new Rose Metal Press Field Guide to Writing Flash Fiction (Rose Metal, 2009) are upstreet authors: Randall Brown, Michael Martone, and Bruce Holland Rogers. Also, one of the sample flash fiction stories in the book is by Lydia Davis, who was the interview subject in upstreet number two and has a short story in number five.

upstreet welcomes submissions of flash, sudden, and/or quick fiction--otherwise known as the short-short story. For examples of fictions under 1,000 words that have appeared in upstreet, see number two (Linda Pierce, "Neighbors"), number three (Molly Ritvo, "Babysitting;" Katy J. Vopal, "Howled"), number four (Randall Brown, "Patterns;" Molly Ritvo, "April 4, 1968"), and the upcoming number five (Lydia Davis, "An Awkward Situation").

Creative nonfiction pieces (prose poems/lyric essays) of under 1,000 words have appeared in upstreet number one (Anna Viadero, "At the Table"), number three (Kathy Briccetti, "Slow Dancing to a Fast Song;" Lorene Delany-Ullman, "Filler;" Bruce Holland Rogers, "Something is in the Air;" Max Ruback, "Soldiers;" Kiki Smith, "Babycakes"), number four (Jen Bills, "The Stairs are Broken So I Took the Elevator Again;" Daniel Hales, "Run Story;" Tiff Holland, "Ooh Baby"), and number five (Chris Gordon, "You Were Always on My Mind;" Catherine Harnett, "Automat;" Tiff Holland, "Eidetic;" Joanna McNaney, "Learning How to Smoke").

Flashers of both genres are advised that the submission period for upstreet number six will be from September 1, 2009, to March 1, 2010. We'd be happy to hear from you.

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