Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Number three is off and running

upstreet number three arrived on Friday, June 29, and is now available at several bookstores in the Berkshires--Barnes & Noble, Stockbridge Booksellers, The Book Store (Lenox), Water Street Books (Williamstown), Papyri Books (North Adams)--and will soon arrive at The Bookloft (Great Barrington), Wild Oats (Williamstown), Broadside Bookshop (Northampton), and Amherst Books. While I was in Montpelier, VT, last week, I delivered some to The Book Garden, which has since phoned in a larger order. There are also some at the UConn Co-op in Storrs, CT, and at The Lavender Inkwell in Syracuse, NY.

Ubiquity of Brooklyn is working on getting the issue distributed more widely, and tomorrow I'll be shipping an order to Armadillo Distributors, in the L.A. area. I'm still talking with Source Interlink and Disticor. But the real kick is being able to go to amazon.com, type "upstreet" into the Book Search, and admire the pretty pictures that come up. Try it and see.